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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Goa'uld cosplay, and why making Kara Kesh is hard

This year for San Diego Comic Con 2015, my boyfriend assembled himself an SG1 uniform thanks to some patches he got from his brother. I was feeling particularly exhausted this con, and so I decided to focus on one cosplay that complimented his.

I didn't have access to enough moss to be a Nox, and wasn't short enough to be an Asgard, so I went with the ultimate villain species- the Goa'uld. I patterned my dress style off of one worn by Daniels wife, and the coloring and cut off of the always impeccable Hathor, and the result was splendidly flapper-esque.

But, a Goa'uld is not a Goa'uld without a properly cool weapon. I couldn't afford a Zat or a ship, so I set my sights on making a ribbon device. You know, those things they kill people with Darth Vader style. 

Known as "ribbon device", "Kara Kesh", and "Hand Device", they come in all sorts of styles and builds and colors. Due to my difficulty with the finger tips I went for an older style one, like Hathor was uncovered in or Baal tended to chuck around. 

I molded it around a brass bracelet with Worbla, and then finished it off with some spray paint, resin, and a brass hose cap. My dad repurposed some LED boards he used to make jewelry (and I used to light up my prom dress last month) and the middle animated rather nicely. 

What i've learned:

-Fingers are hard to mold
-Molds are hard to make
- Paper mache does not look like metal no matter how much you spray paint it

and my last lesson is from Adam Savage himself, on his reddit AMA

And so i'm off to learn to weld! As always,

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