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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Expanded Kara Kesh Post

This will be brief and picture heavy, since the work tends to speak for itself. I made the curved pieces out of Worbla and brass, brass for the less complex shapes and to hold it onto my wrist, and the Worbla for the intricate shapes that brass couldn't easily conform to.

For those unfamiliar with Worbla, it is a kind of plastic with a very low melting point that becomes malleable at a temperature you can still sculpt it with your hands. Good to know.

This is the underside. The piece around my wrist is a brass bracelet to hold it on, and the center piece is a garden hose cap, some resin, and inside is an LED hookup. 

Here is a close up of the crystal. Goa'ulds tend to power their technology off of crystals, so for this I wanted such an important piece to be just right. I mixed borax in hot water, molded Worbla to a piece that can slide into the curved Worbla holders and grew crystals on that. This means the crystal is interchangeable, fits in easily, and can be held in by the Worbla arms. Worbla, while not strong enough to hold the entire Kara Kesh onto my arm, can hold a crystal very securely. 

Here is the secret side view. This shows how it all goes together, including the joint on my wrist that allowed me to raise my wrist to "suck people's brains out" as I believe Colonel O'Neil called it. 

Don't go enslaving any other races, and as always,

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