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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Stop breaking pressed powder pills in travel pill cases

If you're like me, you take meds and forget to constantly. Travel pill cases are a godsend, so when I get to school and realize I haven't take my anxiety meds I can whip out my pill case and not have a panic attack during a lecture. However, both my anxiety meds and my thyroid medication are pressed powder, and so living in my purse for more than a week turns them to dust.
Here lies the powdered remains of my thyroid meds and a very very very expensive anxiety med. RIP meds and my wallet. 

I don't want to throw out the dust remains of a fairly expensive pill every week, so I thought- there has got to be a better solution. Spoiler alert- it's easy and cheap.

I had a hunk of camera bag foam, the kind you cut to fit around your camera perfectly so it can fit in a hard case and not be damaged.
The fluff is felting wool, I use this kind of foam for needle felting. 
 I cut it into a square about the depth and width of my pill case, you don't need to be exact.
Expert cutting skills- but it really doesn't matter. only the top has to be smooth, and that's primarily for aesthetics. 
I smushed it inside my pill case, and voila. 

See? The edges don't matter. Don't stress about cutting foam, it already sucks. 
The great thing about foam is that you can shove even massive vitamins and horse pills in there, it will just flatten to make more room. Plus, it still won't damage them because the main damage comes from the pills rattling around and the foam holds them in place. 

Bonus- it helps you see your pills really fast, so you can immediately tell if you forgot to add one- especially if like me, your dosage can vary month to month. 

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