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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Is your grocery store also out of gingerbread houses? Don't fear!

Even if you suck at baking, this is hard to mess up. And even if you do no one eats the cookie part of gingerbread houses anymore...
1)Take a tube of premade gingerbread cookie mix
2) Add a cup of flour in your mixer and mix thoroughly 
3) Cut out shapes that add up to whatever you want your house to look like
For mine I did it old school with four rectangles for walks and two roof peices, with heights of the walls and of the roof being the same, as well as the length, and then 2 front and back peices which are squares with hats. 
See my finished peices below.

4) Bake. Over bake rather than under, burnt is better than crumbling. Again, who eats the house part anyway? We all just steal candy off over time until its stale.
I'll post my decorated house later in an edit, but I wanted this to get out there for people who wanted to do this Christmas Day or last minute tonight for kids to decorate tomorrow. 

Edit: still haven't decorated it- I ate all the candy and we have to go get more :/ but here it is mostly assembled! 

We may have had a cave in...

As always,

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