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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Living in a Dorm

I came to college over-prepared. Like, really over-prepared. My roommate walked in, took one look at my piles of stuff, and just started laughing. It's honestly ridiculous. I brought a printer, a fish tank, a sewing machine, my entire bathroom's contents, three blankets, a tea kettle, a microwave, a fridge, and god knows what else. I'm having trouble fitting it all in our room. This has made me get clever.

First, it turns out command hooks are amazing. The whole "one tug and the tape comes off" thing is complete bullshit, but I don't want them to come off. Besides, using a butter knife and a bottle of goo gone works perfectly fine and won't get me fined. Keep forgetting your room key? Hang it on the door with a command hook. Sweaters don't fit under the bed? Hang them behind the door with command hooks. Whiteboard need mounting on a studded wall? Heavy. Duty. Command. Hooks.

Second, anything hanging works great for bunk beds. Over the door hooks? Under the bed makeup holder hanger. Over door shoe holder? Bunk side shelves. I'm turning my bunk bed into a battle station with hanging organizers. I have a shoe organizer for shoes, a shelf organizer for sweaters, a hook organizer for my makeup organizer, and a box organizer for my tea. I am as organized as a human being can get while still being messy.

So, future college students do not fret about space. If you are clever about it, you shall survive. Easily.
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