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Friday, September 11, 2015

Makeup Holder

I recently got into makeup. It was because of a series of things, the biggest of which was the looming move in day to college. It occurred to me, while desperately trying to put on what little makeup I owned (mascara and red lipstick) in time for a formal event, that functioning adults should probably be able to dress up. For women, I realized, makeup was the same thing as pantyhose. It was just what you wore. I didn't like this, I hate social obligations- especially gendered ones- but I also realized that whether or not I liked them, if I went to a job interview with my bare baby face it would come across the same as if I had worn a t shirt. So I begrudgingly got some makeup at CVS.

It felt as if I had cast aside all my feminist beliefs putting on that first coat of foundation. I had never in my life worn foundation, the idea was always gross to me. I was a little kid trying on mom's makeup for the first time. I thought back to all the Sephora gift cards and tubes of lip gloss I had received in middle school, all gifts that seemed like wastes at the time. I thought back to my friends coming to high school looking like clowns because they were so scared to show acne. Was I becoming that? Would makeup become a crutch? My mind was going a mile a minute! Then I looked in the mirror.

I had self confidence issues as a kid. I was stubborn enough to never let it influence me, which I am grateful for, but I always felt like the ugly duckling who turned out to just be an ugly duckling. Looking in that mirror a great lie was revealed to me.

I looked the same as everybody else. 

I wasn't cursed with terrible plainness I was just too stupid to realize all these years how huge an impact makeup made... I wondered what my boyfriend would think when I walked into a room finally looking like a California girl. I also felt grateful I found this so late. I met my boyfriend in t shirts and jeans and not a drop of makeup. I met him before my anxiety was controlled, I met him when I was at my sickest, and you know what? He willingly dated me- and for two years! I knew I would never be afraid to go outside without makeup because I had never worried before.

Now that we've gotten through the touchy feely shit, back to the makeup holder. I recently and rapidly aqcuired quite a bit of makeup (helped by a massive ULTA and E.L.F. sale) and realized it would never do to keep it in a shoe box. I needed something better, and (being myself) I needed to MAKE IT.

This is what I whipped up. It's canvas over stiff interfacing, with elastic holders and matching canvas pockets.

This pocket fits my setting powder. This pocket is big enough to fit the second one i'm getting from E.L.F. next week. 

This is my favorite trick. I sewed a strip of canvas and an elastic band to hold hair ties.

The elastic loop closes the strip off and secures the ties to the strip. I'm pretty proud of that idea...

This shows how the elastic works. It's just attached elastic with straight lines sewn to make slots tight enough to hold things while still letting them fit. This empty space will be used for brushes.

This is my eyeliner section, it will soon be expanded.

This is my lipsticks section, also soon to be expanded.
This is where I will add eye shadow pouches.

Here is the space on top I will be expanding onto.

This is the back of it. This was originally designed to hang on a wall, but since I am going to have a bunk bed I will hang it off the frame using velcro straps and use all this back space!

I will be making a tutorial video about this, it's almost done, but not quite, expect it sometime next week. As always,

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  1. Great idea! I'm going to make one of these for my massive makeup collection. Thanks for sharing :)