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Friday, August 21, 2015

Pizza Croissants

I've long been fond of half assed cooking. If I wrote a cook book it would be called "how to cook like you know what you're doing" but of course that would require even more effort than baking! So I'll stick to these little emergency recipes. Today's came from an intense desire to order pizza overshadowed by a desire to eat even slightly better. We had croissants lying around, although you can always just make a 15 minute premade pillsbury can, and so I thought "why not".

Take a croissant  
Pull it apart and make a hole with your fingers, like a teeny tiny bread bowl.
Add just enough pasta sauce. I used mushroom and garlic jarred sauce, but I'm sure canned or any other (including fresh) sauce would work perfectly fine. I honestly don't see how it COULDNT. 
Fill all remaining space with cheese. I did mozzarella, you could use whatever you wanted. American Kraft slices may not be a favorite but what do I know about what you like? It's cheese. 
Stick it in a pan. 
Broil on low for less than 5 minutes. Broiling works quickly, it's the oven equivalent of holding a torch to the top of your food. You want just enough to heat and melt everything but not burnt.
Like this, I got distracted. Oh well, they aren't too bad and happen to like burnt. Plus I want pizza so badly right now...
As always,

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